Apply For

  1. Building permits
  2. Business Licenses
  3. Occupancy Certificate
  4. Burial Certificate
  5. Dog license
  6. Residential Housing Registration
  7. Hawkers licence
  8. Hotels and Restaurants licences
  9. Beer and Wine Sellers licences
  10. Petroleum Installations licences
  11. Palm-wine Sellers licences
  12. Akpeteshie Distillers or Sellers licences
  13. Herbalists licences
  14. Taxi Cabs licences
  15. Lorry Park Overseers licences
  16. Taxi Drivers licences
  17. Self-employed Artisans licences
  18. Births and Deaths licences
  19. Electronic Communication Servers and Providers licences
  20. Licence for any other locally brewed beverage
  21. Licences of Church Premises
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