The Master Card Foundation together with the Ghana Enterprise Agency conducted a two days training for a selected few (40 people) who benefit from the foundation. The training was organized on the 6th and 7th of February, 2023 at the Assembly Hall of Asante Akim Central Municipal Assembly.

Listed below are some of the training areas.

  1. Record Keeping
    • Importance of records keeping
    • Book used for recording financial transaction (1. Expenditure Book, 2. Stock Book, 3. Credit Sales(debtors) book 4. Credit purchases(creditor) book 5. Cash book [income & expenditure])

  2. Introduction to Taxes
    • Types of tax [VAT, PAYE, Withholding Tax, Annual Income Tax.]

  3. As a Good Citizen
    • Reasons for opening Bank Account
    • Bank Account opening expectations
    • Loan processing requirements
    • Business Registration and updates
    • Requirement for registering a business

  4. Mobile Money
    • Risk and Precautions
    • Safety measures to be adopted
  5. Importance of Information Financial Plan
  6. Financial literacy and Small Business Management