30TH JANUARY, 2024 TIME: 2:18- 4:48


1. Greeting and appreciation of workers’ efforts from the director on behalf of the MCE

2. Bidding farewell to all workers with recent deceased relatives.

3. Agenda


Staff Performance Appraisal – The director who was the chair of the meeting advised workers on what they need to do to improve or enhance their performance. . He emphasised that Performance Appraisal asses the KPAs and targets for the year.

Nationwide Payroll Monitoring Exercise.

Attitude towards work – Director complained of the bad attitudes of workers which make them non productive and advised that workers change their attitudes and work hard to enhance productivity.

Discussion of Political Issues – Workers were advised by the director to not engage in discussing politics in any way. He made the workers understand that this institution is a government institution and therefore no worker will be allowed to discuss any political issues or engage in any political campaign.

Properties of the Assembly – Director complained about the improper usage of the properties of the assembly. He advised workers to handle the assembly’s properties with care and also, workers are to inform those in charge of these properties when they encounter any faults in these properties as soon as possible so that the cost involved in repairing them will decrease.

Conservation of energy – Director made us know that the money for purchasing electricity is increasing rapidly as the day goes. He therefore advised workers to turn all sockets and all electrical equipment off when they leave their various office for a longer period of time most especially when we close from work.

Welfare – The head of welfare disclosed how poorly workers are making contributions and the amount dedicated to some of the benefits of these contributions. These benefits include; loss of child, loss of spouse, marriage, transfer of staff and many more. Workers complained that the benefits allocated are high and therefore needs to be lowered. New amounts were voted on by dedicated members which made it possible for the amount of these benefits to be brought down.