Budget Committee Meeting 11th October,2023

The Municipal Chief Executive, Mr. Francis Asokwa Sarpong chaired the meeting. He introduced the Municipal Budget Analyst to take the committee through the 2023 Fee-Fixing Resolution since an inventory will be taken for the meeting.

The Municipal Budget Analyst led the House through the 2023 Fee Fixing Resolution. To avoid mentioning the names of Financial Institutions, the Municipal Coordinating Director suggested that they are categorized to prevent omitting other institutions that can be classified as a Financial Institution. The Coordinating Director further suggested that temporal structure permit Jacket is included in the Fee fixing resolution for 2023 to differentiate it from that of Permanent structure permit Jackets.

The Municipal Coordinating Director alluded to the fact that there are uncertainties around properties rates as a result of the Government intentions to cede it to Ghana Revenue Authority(GRA). Arrangement on property rate collection has been concluded and some commissions to be paid to Assemblies based on agreed percentages- percentages of 70% to the Assembly and 30% to Government (GRA and Finance Ministry).

The Municipal Coordinating Director explained to the house the negotiations that led to the Assembly receiving GHS 100,000.00 even though GHS 19,000.00 was in the account of the Assembly. The office needed money to complete 6 no. boreholes that was started about 2 years ago, in this regard he and Municipal Financial Officer met the head of stool lands negotiate for that amount which helped in completing the said project.

The House inquired from the Municipal Budget Analyst the justification for the GHS 15,000.00 as revenue estimate from sales of jackets for 2023. The Municipal Budget Analyst responded that, the Physical Planning Department is expecting 100 applicants from prospective developers for the year 2023 and each Jacket cost GHS 150.00. By multiplying 100x150 equals GHS 15, 000.00

The attention of the House was drawn to the fact that registration of concession are done by Land Commission. Therefore the heading should be changed to permit processing fee.

The Internal Auditor attributed the low performance of the above revenue item to the broken barrier at Lowcost and Bomiresu. Also the chain used to block vehicles at the station is not in good condition.

The Finance officer suggested that the Taskforce should be taken to visit the activities of the slaughter house to know what really is causing the low revenue performance. The office was briefed with the problems they are facing – Challenges like poor sanitation, deteriorating structure which requires a new phase. Concerns were taken but have not been resolved yet due to insufficient funds.

The Municipal Coordinating Director asked the Human Resource Manager to allocate more National Service personnel to the revenue Department to assist in the data collection of pito/akpeteshie sellers and other revenue items in the municipality.

MCD elaborated a discussion on streamlining revenue data collection. He stated that a software developer was proposed to ensure an incorporation of revenue data into a software for effective and efficient management of revenue data.

The Revenue/financial performance of 2022 from 31st December, 2022 to 28th February, 2023 was taken through by Budget Analyst. He mentioned strategies to help improve performance in 2023 which are constitution of taskforce and education sensitization on revenue mobilization. Some challenges Taskforces face were also mentioned for necessary resolution to be carried out. The challenges are operational and temporal structure fee collection at the same period and misinformation of time of payment by payees.

Some suggestions were mentioned to help resolve challenges involved in revenue collection. They mentioned that a Van should be taken around to help circulate information on mobilization of revenue and information centers should be considered. In relation to the challenges MCD stated that measures are being put in place to resolve issues.

MCD mentioned that with regards to Common Funds, targets are not being met so entreated committee members to brainstorm in all perspective to help meet targets not with only revenue collections but all angles. Suggestion was made that targets should be given to collectors to ensure improvement and motivation. Training should also be given to Taskforce to build their expertise in the activity. Awards or incentives should be given to performing collectors as motivation to boost performance.

MCD gave the floor for members to also come up with some other ways to help increase funds aside the already existing ones. Some of these suggestions were: development of Jubilee Park into an ultramodern facility with urinal, stores for keeping canopies, chairs etc., for holding social activities, commercial transportation, farming of maize or to buy a bunch of maize bags as at the time when its cheap and sell them out when prices are high, mounting giant billboards at advantageous areas for advertisement purposes, construction of washrooms at certain places in the market, floral establishment, ensuring building inspections – challenge with vehicle in movement is under check and acquisition of graders and tipper tracks.

The Municipal Budget analyst moved for adjournment of the meeting and the motion was seconded by Madam Doreen Andison.