Hohoe Municipality

Who We Are

Hohoe Municipal Assembly (HHMA) is established by Legislative instrument (L.I) 2072 of 2012. Originally, Hohoe District was created in 1979 out of the then Jasikan and Kpando District councils. It attained Municipal status in 2008.ln 2012; The Afadjato South District was carved out the Hohoe Municipal Assembly.

Hohoe Municipal Assembly is one of the twenty–five (25) Administrative District in the Volta Region. It has a total land surface area of 1,172km2.Which is 5.6% of the region and 0.05% of the National land surface area. The Municipal Offices of the Assembly and its Department are located in Hohoe, the Municipal Capital. The offices of the Zonal council are however in the zonal capitals located at Hohoe,Gbi- Wegbe, Santrokofi-Gbedzome, Alavanyo-Kpeme, Lolobi-Kumasi,Likpe-Mate and Fodome-Helu.

 Our Mission

The Hohoe Municipal Assembly exists to improve the living standard of her people by mobilizing fiscal, material and human resources towards establishing the municipality as the leading tourism and rice production center in Ghana and commercial hub in the Volta region.

Our Vision

To be the most well managed and development focused Municipal Assembly in Ghana.

Our Core Values

Our values are Hard Work, Discipline, Integrity, Transparency, Professionalism, Client focus, Accountability, Equity, Honesty, Participation, Trust and Good Governance.

We regard good governance and public-private partnership as essential to holistic development. We are also committed to the sustenance of our traditional institutions and the environment.


a) We commit ourselves to treat every customer with respect by showing friendliness, Openness and care when serving a customer.

b) We endeavor to engage our stakeholders in preparation of our annual Fee Fixing Resolution and publish the approved document for public information.

c) We aim to review and update this Website regularly to match with emerging trend of development with regard to effectiveness and efficiency in our service delivery.


a) Ensure your application form is properly completed and attached with all necessary documents/requirements before submission.

b) Adhere strictly to the procedures for completing and submitting application forms/letters.

c) Endeavor to produce valid General Counterfoil Receipt (GCR) for all payments of application and processing fees.

d) Be courteous and polite to our staff and demand same from them

e) Endeavor to honour your tax obligation to the Assembly timely.


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